Tuesday, April 20, 2010

American Women Can Cook!

     To my surprise, American women can, and do know how to cook.  Do not get me wrong!  I am making this comment because growing up in Europe, all I heard about Americans was how bad their cooking was.  For years, I really thought that, all Americans knew about food, had to do with hamburgers, hot dog and... frozen dinners.  Boy was I wrong.  Thanks to Real Women of Philadelphia, I found out how mistaken I, and everybody around me was.  (The link to this website is provided under my recommended links)
      Real Women of Philadelphia is a contest sponsored by Philadelphia Cream Cheese together with the well known Chef Paula Dean.  The prize is $25,000, (not bad) and all you have to do is submit a recipe that has Philadelphia cream cheese as an ingredient through their web page.  Of course, I entered the contest in 3 of the 4 different modalities.  It was here that I found out about many of the culinary secrets that real American women, all accross the country, kept hidden for so long.  I was amazed at how good these, regular, hardworking, many of them moms of big families, many of them grandmas, many of them kitchen aficionados, were.
     Women from al over the States are cooking their minds off, inventing new dishes, or giving new twists to classics,  all for a grand prize, and the recognition that is to show off their skills in Savannah in front of culinary judges and the one and only... Paula Dean.  What an honor!
     The entries are numerous.  And if you ask me, Paula will have a hard time picking favorites.  As one of the Philadelphia women commented in their site,  we are going to have dinner ideas for more than a year.
     Personally, I congratulate you, real American women,  because you have shown that "la nouvelle cuisine" doesn't belong exclusively to Europeans.
     I dare you to go and check it out.  I think you will not be disappointed and, who knows? the worst that can happen is that you get out with tonight's dinner idea.

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