Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My November Thanks Giving

A Very Special Present From My Lovely Husband
     I enjoy giving presents to my loved ones, but most of all I LOVE receiving them, specially for no reason at all.  The latter is always my lovely husband's job.  He has that gift a few people have of knowing exactly what you need, or what you really, really want.  He is always surprising me by bringing home wonderful little gifts, boxes of my favorite chocolates(Godiva!,) or books that I devour in a couple of days.  Just the other day, he came home from the post office and out the blue he gave me a little box to open.  Surprise, surprise! It was a beautiful recipe journal, completely blank, and for me to fill out.  I could not be more thankful to him. 

     The recipe journal is a 5x8", acid free notebook that has 6 different sections to fill in, 6 extra tabbed sections for you to personalize, food calendars, food facts, and measure and conversion tables, plus a couple of hundreds of stickers to help you with your recipe collection. The covers are an imitation of black leather beautifully embossed with different kitchen utensils.  If you want to make an impression, or just wish to thank somebody, or maybe you want it for yourself, Amazon.com has them at Moleskine Passions Recipe Journal.  It is for sure one of those presents that you will treasure forever.

    For me, this book is not just a recipe journal, but my husband's adorable and admirable attempt to demonstrate me how much he supports my project.  A project that came out of nowhere, and now it has gotten me to two cooking blogs,  a few supporters, whom I cherish for confiding in my experience to show them how some recipes are easily done, and a dozen of new food related books that otherwise, if not for Carlos (my husband's name,) I would never had the pleasure to read and enjoy.
     Carlos always keeps the presents a secret (he always does) until he finds the right moment to give it to me.  He is constantly surprising me and today, I would like to acknowledge his hard work by thanking him publicly in my blog.  My dear husband, I love you, and I am very happy to be your wife.  I am forever grateful at how hard you work to keep me happy.  Carlos, thank you!
     My proposition today for anybody who read my blog is to take a moment and ask yourself...  Who do you have to thank this Thanksgiving?

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