Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thank You All

    First of all, I would like to welcome my new followers to My Best Cookin' Yet.  It is because of you that I keep writing.  I love to share my recipes, tricks and why not? I also like to tell you bits of my life.  Best of all, I love to know that in today's world, we care.  
     And second, I wish to thank everybody for the support that you have shown me all along in this new adventure into the world of blogging.  I hope that my recipes have helped you make something delicious.
    It has been a while since I do not post any recipe.  I must ask for your forgiveness.  I should have wrote a note saying "Out on Vacation".  And this is because my family and I went to spend a couple of days in Disney World.  Needless to say, we had a great time, although we came even more tired than we left.
   One thing is for sure, during all the time we were in Orlando, all I could think about was My Best Cookin' Yet.  I miss my telling, cooking and writing about it.  Specially, when all you could eat there wasn't worth it.  I really, (and I mean really) missed my cooking.
     Anyway, it wasn't that bad, because just when we arrived a feast was awaiting at my table.  My mother in law had spent her day making a tasty, savory meal:  Papas con carne (Meat and potatoes in a sauce) and Arroz con salchichas (Yellow Rice and Sausages.)  Both dishes are very typical of the Cuban cuisine, both are full of latin flavor and color.  And both were welcomed by us with great happiness and empty stomachs.
     Since this post is all about giving thanks, I should, from the bottom of my heart, THANK my mother in law for taking care of me when I most need it.  My whole family, sends Tata (that is how we call her,) our warmest hugs and kisses.  And please Tata, do not forget "Todos son corazones."  (It's all hearts) This is what my youngest daughter, Victoria, tells her every time they see each other, meaning this is all my love for you.  

Tata... this is all our love for you.  Thank you.

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luz moldes said...

Hola soy Luz Moldes,amiga de Alina estoy muy agradecida con ella pues siempre comparte sus recetas conmigo,estabamos hablando de recetas y me dijo que me enviar los datos suyos, estoy maravillada ud es una profecional,seguire viendo sus recetas,muchs gracias por compartirlas,un saludo y me alegro que sea familiar de esa persona maravillosa que es Alina,que la pase muy bien.muchas gracias

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