Thursday, January 21, 2010

Taking on an adventure

Here I start my very first blog. I will share with any of you out there my experience as a stay at home mom of three with a passion 4 cooking. At my house, every day is a very hectic day, and I, like many of you, the day starts by running, screaming, and getting everybody ready for school. In my case, the quietest part of the day is when everybody is out working (my husband), or in school. Then, my kitchen adventure begins. I love to cook, and I love most of all to see people eating my food with passion. That is the reason why I cook fresh food every single day, all from scratch. I know that for many of you this is practically impossible. But I encourage you that every once in a while, take your chances and immerse yourself in a kitchen adventure. Sometimes it will be a disaster, I assure you of this. But, when you get it right and you see friends and family members eating your deliciously prepared meal, and praising you for it, that feeling, that proud moment in your life where you share your achievement with your closest people, it is indescribable. Get ready, then, because your addiction to cooking starts here.

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